Why can’t I keep my pet? All Community Service Foundation leases contain a “No Pet Clause.”  Community Service Foundation does not allow pets in our apartments or on our properties.  We have recently had to take action when we discovered unauthorized pets in several apartments.  In addition to pets being left in apartments when tenants leave, we have discovered costly damages done by unauthorized pets.

Why can’t I smoke in my apartment? Like the “No Pet Clause,” all Community Service Foundation leases contain a “No Smoking Clause.”  Until April 15th, smoking was prohibited in CSF apartments and common areas.  After April 15th, smoking is prohibited anywhere on CSF properties.  We have recently discovered damages to several apartments caused by cigarette smoke.  One unit has been un-rentable because of the smell left by the smoke.  In addition to the health risks associated with smoking and second hand smoke, there is also the risk of fire leading to homelessness.

Why can’t I have a barbecue grill?  This policy became necessary when Community Service Foundation received 19 fire code violations from the Clearwater Fire Marshal.  Electric grills are allowed.  See the applicable fire codes for more information.

Why has my rent due date changed and why am I being charged late fees?  Fair Housing Laws prevent us from offering varying rent due dates to our tenants.  The laws also require us to collect appropriate late fees for any rent paid after the fifth (5th) of the month.

Why can’t I back my car into my parking space?  We must be able to see your car tag anytime your vehicle is parked in any CSF parking lot.  Your tag must be current and associated with the vehicle on which it is attached.  We have had car thieves abandon stolen vehicles at some of our locations.

For your convenience, we have put together a CSF Policies and Regulations booklet.  You may pick up your copy at the rental office or click here for an electronic copy.