Financial Fitness

CSF believes the Financial Fitness Workshop is one of the best ways for our clients to prepare to buy a home.

Our Financial Fitness curriculum guides participants through completing a budget plan based on their income and monthly expenses. Next, they learn useful ways to train themselves to spend less and save more. Participants realize they can have money left over to save by following some basic budgeting rules. They learn how to

  • reduce energy expenses
  • reduce monthly grocery bills
  • save on costly car repairs
  • take vacations for next to nothing
  • strengthen credit scores.

By the end of the workshop, students are prepared to plan for and make the most important purchase of their lives: their home.

But our Financial Fitness Workshops aren’t just for first-time homebuyers; they’re for anyone who desires to save money and gain better control over their finances

To register for a Financial Fitness Workshop, follow the steps to register online.